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Parenting Issues (1)| How To Be A Good Parent


Some parents think being a good and responsible parent is all about providing for the physical needs of their child/children.

Yes, I know fully well that in "How to be a Good Parent" includes being able to provide of the needs of their child or children, but it goes far more than that. Most times, even with the physical needs met, they still tend to regard their parents as bad and irresponsible as a result of so many factors. In this article, I'm going to be giving you some steps on "How To Be A Good Parent". Parents nowadays just don't give time for their kids as a result of much workload on them. Parenting is an important job as it teaches children good moral upbringing and good values that will take them a long way in life. There is no doubt that if any single parent or both parent applies these steps on "How To Be A Good Parent" I will mention below in time to come, their children who turn out to be much better than some others in our society of today.

A proverb says, "It is important you prepare your child for the road and not the road for the child". You can be the wealthiest being in the whole planet but your wealth can't inculcate good morals and conducts into your child no matter what you do. Being a good parents requires more than being wealthy and foolishly spending your money on your child all in the name of pampering him/her. You can be rich and still have a spoilt, ungrateful child and you can't do anything about it when they are already grown up because you didn't attend to them during their childhood. Some ways on " How To Be A Good Parent" includes being able to understand your child both internal (if jot expressed), and outwardly.

I've done an extensive research on some criminals and terrorists and I was so shocked to find out that their parents were so wealthy yet they chose a life of crime. This was as a result of the neglect of their parent mostly from their mothers.
Children don't just grow up and decide they want to become evil by being criminals and terrorists, some of them were pushed there by their parents.

Below are the steps/ways on "How To Be A Good Parent"

1) Always know when to let go:
One of the way to being a good parent is for you to know when to let go. Parents should know when to let go and let their child decide for themselves in some certain situations. Don't try to oversee all and everything in your child's life. As long as they are matured enough to think for themselves, let them decide and give their own opinions on certain matters.

We know that parenting requires time, energy, love, tears, etc but it is also expected of us that we let our children make important decisions for themselves in some critical situations. Most Parents are fond of trying to shape their children into their own personal lifestyle, career and ways of living, but it shouldn't be so as this could stigmatize our child/children and they could end up not accomplishing their goals and dreams in life.
This is one of the steps on "How To Be A Good Parent".

2) Give Regular Advice to Your Child/Ward:
This step is one of the common ones that parents should not fail to do at every single opportunity they get. In getting to know the HOW on "How To Be A Good Parent", parents should learn to advise their child/children or wards regularly on the rigors of life and what they should expect ahead of them in their future.

Parents should also tell their children how to overcome these future challenges laid in front of them and gibe them the important and useful advice they need. Some children make the wrong turns and make wrong decisions in life as a result of bad or no advice given to them by their parents/guardians.

3) Always Encourage Spirituality at all times:
Knowing "How To Be A Good Parent" requires you teaching your child to know God.
Spirituality is an important aspect in this area of parenting. I'm going to emphasize on this a little more than others. " Education they say is the best legacy" but as a matter of fact "Spirituality is the best legacy any parent can give to his/her child". Parents should make their children know that there is a being beyond the physical that is the creator of the universe and that He is the owner of all the lives of everyone on Planet Earth. We should make them understand that without God that we are all nothing without him and we should dedicate our the and effort to serve him tirelessly so as to make Heaven and gain eternal life in him. God is the owner of the whole universe and we should teach them to always have the fear of God at anytime and in anything that we do.

4) Always Show Love & Affection Towards Your Child/Ward:
Just imagine a child that just came into this world crying in the arms of his or her mother, the mother has to show love to the child by cuddling and petting him/her in a way that would make the child feel at ease and stop crying. So also, if the parents of a child neglect or abandon that child by not showing loving and affection for that child, the parents has failed to be responsible and be good parents.

People ask themselves frequently, "How Can I Be A Good Parent". Well the answer is not farfetched; If we love our children or wards and show them adequate affection anytime they need it, it will really help the child to grow and have the mind that they are loved and cared for by their parents and will not have the mind to go elsewhere in the name of looking for parental love and care.

5) Provide the Basic Needs Of Your Child/Ward:
This is also one of the important aspects when it comes to "How To Be A Good Parent". Parents should always make sure they attend to the basic needs of their children such as Food, Clothing and Shelter.

If children are denied these things, there is every tendency that the child will be found among strangers begging or looking for all these things or they might even decide to go into the dark side to get this their needs met even if it means killing their own parents or loved ones. We now see that as a result of parental negligence, teenagers now engage in malicious activities just to cater for their basic needs and wants.

In conclusion, I will strongly advise anyone and everyone to read this article on "How To Be A Good Parent" carefully and understand it. You can also share this article to your friends if you find it helpful...


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